1V4!梅西挑战”上古巨星” 统领五大联赛就差14球(19岁梅西1v5惊艳全场)


1V4!梅西挑战”上古巨星” 统领五大联赛就差14球(19岁梅西1v5惊艳全场)

1v4! Messi Challenge \”Ancient Superstar\” to lead the five major leagues for 14 goals
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In the second round of La Liga, Messi played twice, and his La Liga scored 351 goals. He continued to set a new record as the best Sagittarius of La Liga history. In the battle for the five major league historical gold boots, Messi is now ranked third, and it is very likely to rank among the first person in history in this season.

在五大联赛历史射手榜上,梅西以西甲金靴身份排名第三位。 Ranked fourth and fifth are the Aunis and Piola from Serie A, respectively. The two scored 299 goals and 274 goals.

在梅西之前的,则是来自英格兰和德甲的代表。 Griffith scored 357 goals in the top League of England, and he has played for Chelsea, Tottenham and West Ham. Messi currently lags 6 goals in Griffith, and the World Sports News believes that fleas may surpass him in September.

德甲历史金靴盖德-穆勒,则在效力拜仁的14年间打进了365个联赛进球。 As long as he scores 16 goals, Messi will complete surpassing Ged Mueller. As long as he does not encounter severe injuries, Messi will definitely surpass the German legend in this season.

值得一提的是,C罗联赛进球数比梅西更多,但却无法跻身这一榜单。 Ronaldo scored 84 goals in the Premier League and scored 285 goals in La Liga. The total number of goals in the league was 369 goals. But Ronaldo has gained these goals in the two leagues.

梅西的这351个西甲进球,都是如何打进的? \”Daily Mail\” summarized. Messi scored 200 goals in Camp Nou and scored 151 goals away. Messi scored 274 goals and 63 goals on his left foot and right foot, and there were 13 headers and 1 handball. Messi opened twice in 102 times, 26 hats, and three times.

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